Broadcast Operation and Production Engineer/Media Program Teacher

Media, Communications & Writing Full Time

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The Broadcast Operation and Production Engineer is primarily responsible for working with the Technical Advisor on the installation, maintenance and operation of all broadcast equipment within the studio, as well as, schoolwide.

He/she works directly with the program director, assistant program coordinator and the leadership team to fulfill the successful delivery of quality production and transmission of both audio and video.

Roles and Responsibilities

Teach up to 4 sections of courses within the program within the Jim Vance Media Program and/or for elective courses for the school population, assist with the advisory group, after-school and some weekend activities.

Digital video and audio editing skills a must Substitute teacher for other program courses as needed Lead technical and production operations for studio facility and school-wide broadcast network

Ensure quality of engineering, production workflow and operational services for media program and school community

Assist with the receiving and installation of all new audio and visual equipment in collaboration with technical supervisor, program director and leadership team

Provide technical support for all broadcast equipment and responsible for performing regular maintenance on all equipment, as well as, preventative maintenance in alignment with technical supervisor, program director and leadership team

Provide technology training to students/colleagues for educational instruction, school productions and live events, to product high quality audio/video coverage for deliverables

Supervise and assist students working on deliverables to provide various services for the school community

Assist director and assistant coordinator with the filming and editing deliverables for courses, program and school projects

Use data to effectively encourage and assess student growthCreate a classroom culture built on respect, growth, and love of learningUse engaging strategies and cooperative learning techniques

Other duties as assigned


The ideal candidate should have:

At least a Bachelor degree in a related field (journalism/media)

5-7 years teaching experience, preferably in an urban, high school setting

5-7 years experience working in the media/journalism profession

5-7 years IT experienceProficient in Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems

Exhibited experience in maintaining and operating transmission equipment

5-7 years experience using audio and video software and applications

Has knowledge of appropriate technology for supporting student learning in broadcast journalism/media

Certified to teach in MD, DC, or VA or is willing to gain certification within three yearsDemonstrates strong writing and communication skills, a capacity for organization and follow-through, collaboration and flexibilityHas a growth mindset and a commitment to meeting the needs of every student in a diverse population.Is committed to his/her own learning and professional development.

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