"A Look at the Heart"

By Isaac

Jeremiah 17:5-10; Psalm 51:1-12

"Wow, Mom! I never knew all this stuff before!" exclaimed Luke as he and his friend Jerome sat on the floor, looking through some books.

"What stuff?" asked his sister Paige, who was doing her homework.

"Jerome and I have to find facts about the heart and then report to the class, so we're working on it," Luke replied. "It's amazing how our bodies are made!"

Mom nodded. "What did you learn?" she asked.

"Well, it says here that if all our blood vessels were laid end to end, even a kid's would stretch over 60,000 miles," Luke told her. "An adult's would be closer to 100,000 miles!"

"Yeah, and it says that in just twenty-four hours, the heart pumps thousands of quarts of blood," added Jerome. "It makes the blood circulate through our bodies a couple of thousand times a day."

"Wow!" exclaimed Paige. "The heart is pretty small to do all that, isn't it?"

"Yep. It's only about as big as a fist," said Luke, writing the facts on his paper.

"That is really amazing," agreed Mom. After a moment she added, "The Bible talks about our hearts, too--but it's referring to our thoughts, attitudes, values, and emotions instead of the actual organ in our bodies."

"A verse I learned in Sunday school says our hearts are deceitful and wicked," Paige said.

Mom nodded. "That's because we're all born with a sinful nature," she explained. "The good news is that when we trust in Jesus as Savior, God gives us a new, clean heart."

The kids nodded. They had heard about the need for a new heart as long as they could remember, and all three trusted in Jesus. "But sometimes we sin again," said Jerome. "When we confess it to God, He forgives us."

"Yeah. You know what we should do, Jerome?" Luke asked. "We should include that in our report." He looked at Mom. "It's okay to do that, isn't it? After all, our teacher told us to put down everything we can find on the subject."

"Good idea!" approved Mom. "Maybe someone in your class will become interested in hearing more about the Lord and in learning how he or she can have a new heart, too!"

Do you have a new, clean heart? Thank God for the amazing physical heart that’s in your body, but what about your thoughts, attitudes, and values—the person you are? God says your heart—your inner being—is wicked by nature. He sent His Son Jesus to take the punishment you deserve. Are you trusting in Him? Why not do so today? (See the ABCs of Salvation at the end of this book.) Any time you sin again, immediately confess it and renew your fellowship with your Lord.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Psalm 51:10 (KJV)
Create in me a clean heart, O God.
*Verse displayed is NKJV