Learn How To Pray From Jesus!

By Sarah

The Lord's prayer is a model prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. Christians may use this prayer every week, using the same words and phrases in a very simple manner, or merely habitually. But we should not lose the great teachings of Jesus about how to pray. When you consider the deep meaning of each line of the Lord's prayer, you will realize that there is no better prayer that the one the Lord Himself taught us, and be awed at how it covers all the crucial areas.

1. "Our Father in Heaven"
Jesus makes it clear whom we are praying to: It is our 'Father' who is 'in heaven'. Our God is the loving Father who loves His children and gives the best to them. He is also in heaven, which is higher than the earth.

2. "Hollowed Be Your Name, Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done On earth As It Is In Heaven"
We can see the priority of Jesus' life through His prayer. Above all, he prays to honor God and the coming Kingdom of God. Before we ask what we need first, we should pray that God's name can be glorified and that His will can be achieved through our lives as Jesus did.

3. "Give Us Today Our Daily Bread"
Jesus prayed for daily needs recognizing that God is the one who provides our daily needs and cares for even the smallest part of our lives. We need to pray relying on God in every aspect of our lives.

4. "Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors."
We should ask forgiveness to resolve the problem of the past. And we also should forgive our neighbors.

5. "And Lead Us Not Into Temptation but Deliver Us From The Evil One"
Acknowledging our weakness, we should ask God's protection for our future. Even when we fall into sin, we pray that God will deliver us and guide us.

6. "For Yours Is The Kingdom and The Power and The Glory Forever. Amen"
Jesus finished his prayer by giving glory to God. The start and end of His prayer is the same : It is God's Kingdom and God's glory.

May our lives and sincere prayers also reveal the glory of God to the world following the teachings of Jesus.



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