Max Lucado: A Song for Dad

By Boaz Wadel

Psalm 127:3 says:  "Don't you see that children are God's best gift?  . . .His generous legacy?"

I remember many years ago when I was at a conference. I called home and talked with Denalyn and the girls. Jenna was about five years old at the time and said she had a special treat for me.  She took the phone over to the piano and began to play an original composition.

From a musical standpoint, everything was wrong with the song. She pounded more than she played. There was more random than rhythm in the piece. The lyrics didn't rhyme. The syntax was sinful. Technically the song was a failure. But to me, the song was a masterpiece. Why? Because she wrote it for me.

You are a great daddy. I miss you so much.
When you're away I'm very sad and I cry.
Please come home very soon.

What dad wouldn't like that? Your heavenly Father feels the same when he hears you talk to him.

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Max Lucado