Max Lucado: Revenge is Natural, Not Spiritual

By Boaz Wadel

When we are mistreated, our animalistic response is to go on the hunt. Getting even is only natural. Which, incidentally, is precisely the problem. Revenge is natural, not spiritual. Getting even is the rule of the jungle. Giving grace is the rule of the kingdom.

You may be thinking, easy for you to say, Max, you have no idea how hard my life has been. You are right, I don't. But I have a very clear idea how miserable your future will be unless you deal with your anger.

X-ray the soul of the vengeful and behold the tumor of bitterness; menacing, malignant. Yesterday you cannot alter, but your reaction to yesterday you can. After all, don't we have enough things to do without trying to do God's work too? Forgiveness is not saying the one who hurt you was right.  Forgiveness is stating that God will do what is right.

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Revenge is Natural, Not Spiritual