Max Lucado's Devotion: Age is No Enemy (19 July)

By Ella Chan

I remember some years ago when my doctor said, "Nothing to worry about, Max-your condition is pretty common for folks in their mid-age!" 

Don't you hate it when someone reminds you?  Of all the things you couldn't count on, there was one thing you could, and that was your youth. Just because you're near the top of the hill doesn't mean you've passed your peak. Your last chapters can be your best.What was intended to be an island of isolation for the apostle John became a place of inspiration, and in his final years he wrote the last book of the Bible.

When J.C. Penney was ninety-five years old, he affirmed, "My eyesight may be getting weaker, but my vision is increasing."  Many are anticipating the destination.  I hope you are.  And I hope you'll be ready when you get home.

Age is no enemy.  It's a mile-marker-a gentle reminder that home has never been so near!

from He Still Moves Stones



Max Lucado, God, age