Not Our Identity

By Isaac

Read: Psalm 23 

Part of my job is calling on families, many of whom I served for many months, to extend condolences upon a loved one’s death. We try to assess how families are coping and what kind of support they have. We may refer them to community organizations such as grief support groups. In death’s wake, many people feel that their world has been turned upside-down. They wonder if they will ever get through their grief.

Psalm 23 is one of the most beloved passages of the Bible. The words of the psalmist roll off the tongue so easily that their power can be lost. We don’t know when David wrote Psalm 23, but we know some of the trials that David experienced, including the deaths of several children. One word in verse 4 — through — assures us that though death and grief are part of our journey, they aren’t where we stay. God graciously guides us through the heart-wrenching pain of grief to a life that, although not the same, does have joy.

Grief takes time to work through, and the journey has detours. Sometimes we don’t know how we can face the day and wonder if we’ll ever feel like ourselves again. But God brings us through the valley with goodness and mercy to a place where we find peace again.