The Power of Being Weak

By Isaac

Read: 2 Corinthians 13:5-10

I am amazed at the courage of so many people who face death with confidence. Not too long ago I did an initial assessment with a woman who had just been diagnosed with end-stage pancreatic cancer. Her healthy-looking exterior belied the disease that was ravaging inside, making me wonder if I knocked on the right door. Her son was resisting the diagnosis, urging his mom to opt for chemotherapy and aggressive treatment. This woman used humor and faith to state her position: “First of all, Steve Jobs with all his money couldn’t beat this. What makes you think I’m going to? Second, I don’t have to be strong because God is strong enough for all of us. He’s in control, and I’m putting my trust in him.” Her faith inspired me.

Control is often the last thing we let go of as life slips away. As our bodies break down, we seek to hold on with white knuckles to whatever we can. Paul reminds us that when we are weak, God is strong. And in reality, when we consider the miracle that is behind every breath we take and every movement we make, we deceive ourselves when we think we have any strength of our own to begin with. God has demonstrated the power of life over death. In our own dying process, that’s the power we need.