Bless Your Feet (4 part series) – Part 1

By Grace On May 2, 2013

Spiritual Feet

I constantly use lotion on my feet - to keep them soft and minimize the effects of aging and constant wear-and-tear. While putting some on, a cute little Bible song from my childhood days popped in my head. It got me to thinking about how feet are linked to God's plan for us.

"Oh, be careful little feet where you go! Oh, be careful little feet where you go! Cuz the Father up above... is looking down in love... so be careful little feet where you go!"

Go figure that a simple Sunday-School song could bring about the desire for me to research the deeper meaning of feet in the Bible. That's just like Jesus - always using the seemingly un-important, natural, overlooked and un-appreciated details of life to bring about life-changing, deep revelations.

I started to wonder if I have the kind of Spiritual feet that are as well-taken care of as my physical feet?

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