Conflict Resolution Skills For kids: Building Skills That Can Turn Conflict into Opportunity

By Amy On Sep 13, 2013

Conflict can turn into the best opportunity to build strong relationships, if we have learned conflict resolution skills.  These skills should be cultivated during childhood.  As we know, even kids have conflict with others.

The first step should begin with the parents.  When a parent faces a disagreement, what kind of feeling should you have?  This is an important process that will help you to examine yourself and also find the root of disagreement. 

For example, if you are the one who usually wants to escape from conflict, your children will also absorb your behavior for sure. 

The way in which you think will produce your response.  Let's change the way we think first, and then our behavior can be changed. 

For instance, when conflicts occur, you always predict the result will be negative.  This is why you choose to escape instead of facing the problem.   Your thinking stimulates stress in you.   No one can have a good resolution during tough times.

The best way to rapidly relieve stress is by praying and thinking about God's grace.  Soaking in God and listening to worship music will also lead you to peaceful moments.  Let the love of God embrace you and fill you.  Then, you will be able to forgive the person who has conflicts with you.

After you are able to deal with your emotions, then you will have a healthy way to solve conflicts.  This process is called "Emotional awareness".  It is the basis of a communication process to resolve conflict. 

The second step is to see the other perspective.  Conflict occurs when people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. Communication is the next step for compromise.  You will know each other better through conversation.  Then you will be able to see that conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people.

Conflicts arise from differences both large and small.  Emotional awareness should be the first step in conflict resolution skills that then produce the second step-seeing the other perspective."  Conflict provides a way to build strong relationships that go beyond our imagination.