Five Tips for Teaching Sunday School

By Good News On Jul 8, 2013


So you've been asked to teach Sunday School! Teaching Sunday School or Children's Church is a big responsibility, but it is also a tremendous blessing. There are many sources for lesson material and craft ideas, but there is more to meditate on before you begin. If you are considering teaching Sunday School, here are five tips to think about that might lead to a more successful outcome. 

Tip for Teaching Sunday School #1 - Know Your Subject - The Bible 

You may be teaching children, teens or adults; but whomever you are teaching, you must know the subject matter before you can teach it. The subject matter, of course, is the Bible. If you haven't read the Bible all the way through, now would be a great time to do that. Also, become familiar with the format. For instance, did you know that the Bible is actually a whole library of 66 books? Do you know the order of the books, at least an idea of what is contained in each, and a basic time line of Biblical events? The Bible was written over centuries, but one of the miracles is that it is one cohesive whole. This is important to convey to your students.The more familiar with the Bible you are, the better you can teach it. 

Tip for Teaching Sunday School #2 - Model Your Lesson in Your Life 

Even if you know what the Bible teaches, if you don't live it in your own life, then you can do much more harm than good by trying to teach it to others. Students learn only part of the lesson by listening to you teach. The rest they learn by example - YOUR example. They are watching when you don't realize they are, to see if you really believe what you are teaching them, or if you are just wasting their time. If you are not willing to live it yourself, then you shouldn't be teaching it.

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