Memorize Bible Verses as a Family-Teach Yourself and Your Kids to Memorize Bible Verses

By Grace On Jun 25, 2013

In an age of complexities, this advice sounds fairly simple. You can incorporate almost all of the above points into one valuable activity through memorizing Bible verses with your children. Not only will the whole family be learning new Bible verses, you'll be spending more time together, setting a good example, giving your kids ideals for living, keeping them busy, and teaching them about God.

I'll share a tried and proven technique for building your Bible memory as well as fun and creative suggestions on how to memorize Bible verses as a family.

Build Your Bible Memory and Your Family

1 - Set a Goal

Memorizing one Bible verse a week is a reasonable goal to set in the beginning. This will give you plenty of time to establish the Bible verse firmly in your hearts and minds before starting to learn a new passage. Not every member of the family will memorize at the same pace, so try to set a goal that leaves room for flexibility and time for everyone to reinforce the verse in their memories.

Once you've begun memorizing, you can increase your pace if you find one Scripture a week is not challenging enough. Likewise, if you decide to learn longer passages, you'll want to slow down and take as much time as you need.

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