20K displaced as Myanmar airstrikes target ethnic Karen civilians, destroy homes

By The Christian Post

Protesters run from tear gas fired by security forces, as some demonstrators also let off fire extinguishers, next to a barricade set up during the demonstration against the military coup in Mandalay on March 15, 2021. | STR/AFP via Getty Images

At least 20,000 people from Myanmar’s Karen ethnic group, many of whom are Christian, have been displaced due to continual airstrikes that began on March 27, two months after the military coup. A rights organization reports that military forces are also bombarding civilians in their homes. 

Airstrikes by the Myanmar army have targeted civilians, schools and medical clinics in northern Karen state, according to the Free Burma Rangers, an organization that provides humanitarian services in war-torn areas.

In an April 5 report, FBR noted that at least 14 people were killed and 40 more were injured on April 1, including women and children, by airstrikes in Dwe Lo Township of Karen state’s Papun district.

Many others have been killed and wounded in the ethnic minority areas during the campaign. Homes and stores have been destroyed.

Source:The Christian Post