A conversation with John Paine: I’ll keep my ALS

By The Christian Post

John Paine | Screenshot: Vimeo/Fotolanthropy

My Faith Votes recently spoke with John Paine, author of The Luckiest Man: How a Seventeen-Year Battle with ALS Led Me to Intimacy with God. 18 years ago, Paine was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, a degenerative neural disease that has progressively left him paralyzed from head to toe and will eventually take his life. ALS changed every facet of his life, causing daily challenges and physical suffering, but Paine has refused to be crushed in spirit or even to despair of life itself. On the contrary, he credits his experience living with ALS as the cornerstone of a deeply intimate relationship with God. Take a few moments to watch the powerful interview.

John Paine recounts that the journey through ALS can be characterized by pain and suffering, but suggests there’s another aspect of the journey if one looks for it. “On the one hand is a journey of death,” he says, “on the other is a journey of life, and I promise you life outweighs death.”

Paine’s experience with ALS has produced a cherished victory — deepened dependence on and intimacy with God: “It’s been a journey of trust, of vulnerability and of communication with God, one that has produced a closeness, a wholeness, and a knowledge that I am fully loved and accepted and that I don’t have to be or do something different to earn that love.”

Source:The Christian Post