A Missionary SUV Expedition will be held in Russia

By James.B

The Russian missionary SUV expedition to Rybachy peninsula - the northernmost point of the European part of Russia will be held on July 3-10, Christian Telegraph reports according to the Christian Megaportal invictory.com.

The expedition organizer is the Forge of men ministry. The aim of the tour is to provide a true male communication through adventures and difficulties traveling together, and allow the unsaved travel participants to get into an unfeigned and open communication with Christian men, and to get to know Christ through them. In addition, members of the expedition will be preaching the gospel to the men who came to the island as tourists from other cities and will try to build friendships with them.

To participate in the trip are invited any men who are SUVs owners. "It is preferable for the participants to own real frame SUVs with locks. Crossovers are limited on the peninsula, but a number of them are permissible. Each car will be equipped with a crew: pilot, copilot, navigator and mechanic. The positions are partly contingent, but adequacy of the declared specializations are extremely welcome. One of the crew members may well be a non-believer," the organizers noted.

More information about the expedition is available on the ministry's website.




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