Abortion: What might have been

By The Christian Post

There is a youngster I know who is a beautiful human being. He’s getting taller with each passing day as he grows into a fine young man. Still in his early teens, he’s a good student and remarkably intelligent. A lover of sports, he can tell you about every team and their players, college and professional. He’s quite grounded for one so young, a small repository of wisdom. It’s a joy being around him, and I’m quite certain if he doesn’t stumble along the way, he’ll make a mark in life from which many will benefit.

This young fellow is the apple of his mother’s eye. She adores him. No one or nothing is comparable to him in her estimation. But I’m one of the few persons who know something about the boy that even he doesn’t know. His mother seriously considered aborting him before his birth. She was hardly more than a teen herself when she was pregnant with him, unmarried, unprepared, and terrified. Her friends urged to her to get rid of the problem. But providence arranged it so that I was able to have many opportunities to speak with her about that decision and urge her not to do it. She didn’t. And now with her handsome son at her side every day, she rues the thought of what she once seriously contemplated.

Think of all she might have missed.

Source:The Christian Post