Agent Carter Season 3: Rumored Renewal and Possible Agents of SHIELD Appearance, News, Updates

By Yumi Redfield

Sadly, there are just some shows that despite their excellence, seems to have a hard time getting descent ratings (Person of Interest, anyone?) and this is where Agent Carter seems to find themselves after their second season ended. This had led to some worry that Agent Carter might not be renewed for a third season.

The speculation has doubled after ABC released a list of shows that they have renewed for another season last March 4. Although Agents of SHIELD was in the list, it was glaringly obvious that Agent Carter was not.

Still, the battle is not yet lost as there are rumors that ABC is still planning on ordering another season of Agent Carter. In an exclusive report from Nerd Reactor they claimed that a source informed them that ABC still believes in Agent Carter hence their decision to order a third season.

It should be noted that the report from Nerd Reactor is dated March 4, the same day that ABC announced the list of shows that they’re renewing for another reason. The report was right that Agents of SHIELD will get another season, but we have yet to see if Agent Carter will too.

Even with the rumors that Agent Carter will not be cancelled, it seems that fans are making sure that even if Agent Carter is not renewed, they will still see Peggy Carter in their screens. In an interview by The Hollywood Reporter with Agents of SHIELD showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, the two were asked on the possibility of seeing Agent Carter on their show if in case Agent Carter was cancelled. “We are in an old SSR base, and Agent Carter founded SHIELD. There's definitely a direct line between the two. We're still very hopeful that it will return because we love it. We are linked to them through history so whether or not we'll tell their stories remains to be seen,” Whedon stated.

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