American Gods TV Series: First Episode Title Revealed

By Yumi Redfield

So far, whoever is heading the casting choices for American Gods should get a raise since they have been hitting gold – not the leprechaun kind – with their casting announcements ever since they announced their first actor for the series. Recently, there have been more updates other than casting news!

Other than casting announcements though, the title for the first episode of American Gods has recently been released by Bryan Fuller himself. In a Twitter update by Bryan Fuller, he revealed the first page of the draft they’re writing and it shows that the first episode is titled ‘The Bone Orchard’ which he co-wrote with Michael Green and will be directed by David Slade. In the update, Bryan Fuller claims that they’re in the first tone meeting with his co-writer Michael Green, David Slade, and even American Gods author Neil Gaiman himself.

The stellar cast of American Gods boasts of Ricky Whittle as the main protagonist, Shadow Moon, and none other than Ian McShane as the charismatic, but mysterious, Mr. Wednesday. Shortly after the two main characters were announced, Emily Browning was also announced to be part of the cast to play as Shadow Moon’s wife, Laura Moon.

Soon enough, the cast for three minor, but very interesting characters were also announced, an old god, a new god, and a leprechaun.

Yetide Badaki was announced to be playing old god, Bilquis, who was in her time known as the goddess of love.

Sean Harris was announced to be playing Mad Sweeney, a leprechaun who is allied with Mr. Wednesday although he warned Shadow against the latter.

Bruce Langley was announced to be playing a new god, Technical Boy. In the book, Technical Boy was described as overweight and arrogant with the other new gods calling him ‘the fat kid.’ With the announcement of Bruce Langley as Technical Boy, author Neil Gaiman confirmed that this Technical Boy is a current god incarnation of the internet.

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