Another ‘Noah’ Movie to Be Released the Same Day as the Hollywood Version

By Boaz Wadel

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe has been lobbying to get Pope Francis to agree to watch his new biblical adventure story Noah."

But according to Los Angeles-based filmmaker, Ray Comfort, the movie is anything but a "biblical adventure."

Comfort, whose award-winning movies have been seen by millions, has produced his own version of "Noah" called "Noah-And The Last Days," which is being released on March 28, 2014, the same day as the Hollywood version.

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Noah Official Trailer (2014) Russell Crowe, Emma Watson Movie HD

Jon Blistein writing in Rolling Stone magazine says that Russell Crowe has "pitched" a screening of his upcoming "biblical" blockbuster "Noah" to "one man who knows the plot quite well: Pope Francis."

He said that Crowe tweeted, "The message of the film is powerful, fascinating, resonant," but so far the Vatican has yet to respond.

Pope Francis

The story also stated that Crowe has asked his followers to help spread the word via retweets, before apologizing to the Pope for causing "havoc" in his social media world.

He added: "Holy Father, it would be my deepest pleasure to bring the @DarrenAronofsky film to you to screen. That this may happen Inshallah." ("Inshallah" is Arabic for "God willing.")

"Darren Aronofsky's retelling of the classic tale of the flood and Noah's ark opens March 28th, and then in Italy two weeks later - though we imagine if Pope Francis did agree to watch the movie, he could probably get an advanced copy," added Blistein.

In response to this news, Comfort told the ASSIST News Service, "It seems like a 'Hail Mary' to the Pope. Perhaps he, Darren Aronofsky, and Paramount, should have listened to their critics, when they had prescreening a long time ago.

"Maybe they will even consider making a sequel called 'Muhammad,' where they portray him as an evil character as they did with Noah, and see if Muslims file in two-by-two to see it. But they wouldn't dare malign Muhammad's character, because they know that there would be serious repercussions.

Ray Comfort

"With 'Noah' they have shown that they have no respect for Christians and Jews, by painting Noah as a psychopath."

New Zealand-born Comfort, who now lives in Southern California, added "It's a no-brainer for Hollywood to have success at the box office. All they need do is make a movie about the Bible, have their 'poetic license,' but stay true to the Scriptures--and we will support you by the millions."

He then cited "The Ten Commandments," "Ben Hur" as examples. "The Ten Commandments" became the highest-grossing film of 1956 and "Ben-Hur-A Tale of Christ" was the highest grossing film of 1959.

Comfort then stated, "They [Hollywood] have no qualms about sensationalizing the story of Noah in order to make it more profitable. That's their bottom line. But the movie strays so far from the Biblical account that it omits its essential message--God's judgment for man's sin and evil. Taking 'poetic license' on this story further erodes the public's perception of the Biblical account--and of the Bible in general.

"That's why we produced our version of Noah, which looks at him from a different perspective. We reveal ten undeniable Bible prophecies that link to Noah, and show that we are living in what the Bible calls 'the last days.'"

Ad for Ray Comfort's 'Noah' film

Comfort, no stranger to controversy, continued by telling the ASSIST News Service, "When I posted some of the 'signs of the times' on my Facebook page last year, it exploded with interest. It seems that we are all fascinated in the future. But most people don't know that the Bible is a perfectly accurate 'History Book of Humanity.' It tells us about the future and yet it was written before history happened. So we have brought out ten indisputable signs (from the Scriptures) that we are living in 'the last days.'

"The second catalyst for our movie was Hollywood's arrogance in making a supposedly 'Biblical' film about Noah, listing it as 'fiction,' and twisting his character. That made me mad. Theirs is a fake Noah, ours in the real thing. But we haven't even mentioned their movie in ours. Instead, we have done something different, and it's going to make a lot of people in Hollywood angry."

Dan Wooding during his appearance on Ray Comfort's TV show along with co-host 
Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne

Comfort concluded by saying, "Incidentally, California has been in severe drought for months. The day we completely Noah, it poured with rain. That was a good sign."

Videos: Noah-And The Last Days Trailer:The Ten Signs by Ray Comfort

Noah Official Trailer (2014) Russell Crowe, Emma Watson Movie HD

To see the trailer, and download a pre-release version of the movie, please go

Explaining the pre-release, the website says, "When some of you took advantage of our pre-release download offer on our 'Evolution vs. God' film, you put us in position to fund the production of 'Noah-And The Last Days.' We would be grateful if you would consider doing it again with this movie, and in turn help us to continue our work on similar future projects.

"When you download this movie for $19.99, you will get a free downloadable Companion Guide containing further arguments for the Ark and the worldwide flood, plus a special message by Ken Ham, 'Creation and the Last Days' (valued at $12.99). 'Noah-And The Last Days' will be available on YouTube and DVD starting March 28, 2014."

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Videos: Noah-And The Last Days Trailer:The Ten Signs by Ray Comfort

Noah Official Trailer (2014) Russell Crowe, Emma Watson Movie HD

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