Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date, News, and Specs: iPad Air 3 or iPad Pro Will Be A Massive Upgrade from iPad Air 2, Will be Released This Coming Fall

By Steff

Apple is one of the those tech companies who are known for launching a line of products that will eventually have an upgradable version, like in the case of iPhone and now we're on iPhone 6. However every upgrade doesn't really show much of a difference from its predecessor but it seems like with the upcoming iPad Air 3 the case will be different.

Here's the latest on Apple iPad Air 3 release date, news, and updates.

The upcoming iPad Air 3 or iPad Pro is rumored to be a version with a larger screen to compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro and the other large screen tablets of Samsung. The iPad Air 3 is also believed to be released this coming Fall.

The upcoming Apple iPad Air 3 is also believed to the thinnest iPad to be released by Apple, in which I'll be as thin as the iPhone 6 about 6.9 to 7.1 millimeters.

When it comes to the specs of Apple iPad Air 3, the Apple iPad Air 3 will sport the latest Apple processor which is the A9 chip processor with 4 GB of RAM which will be available in 16GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and a rumored 128 GB. The Apple iPad Air 3 will also have a finger print scanner and a stylus.

Another interest rumor about the Apple iPad Air 3 is the news that the device will have 4 speakers, what this means is a better sound quality for the upcoming Apple iPad Air 3. The reason for this theory was because of a said image that was 'leaked' before which shows 4 slots for speakers' places on each corner of the tablet, another persistent rumors is that the Apple iPad Air 3 will sport a retina display.

The question in fan's minds is why is the iPad Plus or Apple iPad Air 3 not here yet, part of the reason is probably because they don't want to over saturate the market with Apple products and there has been quite a number of launches this year including the Apple Watch.

When it comes to the release date of the Apple iPad Air 3 the most rumored release date is by Fall of  2015.

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