Apple Watch 2 News and Updates: Apple sets an June 2016 Release for the Apple Watch 2!?

By Chrix

Apple's upcoming smartwatch, Apple Watch 2 is said to come out on June 2016!

Digital Trends reported that, Calling the Apple Watch and competing Android Wear smartwatches. Watch 2 is likely to pack its own GPS chip. It will feature an OLED display, and a powerful battery.  In addition, many other smart wearables, overly complicated, echoes comments made by several companies during Mobile World Congress this year.

According to CEO of Fitbit, James Park, he thinks the biggest problem with wearables is that they do too much, singling out the Apple Watch as one of the devices he considers too complicated. Park, speaking to The Telegraph, also called out companies for not promoting the benefits of these feature-packed wearables, and doing a poor job of telling you why one should be on your list of cool products to buy.

Christian Daily reported,  Apple Watch 2 will be unveiled during Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016 in June, or in an Apple convention in September alongside the  iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

It incorporates fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities with integration with iOS and other Apple products and services. The device is available in four variants: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition.

According to The Bit Bag, In order to face the competition, Apple will add multiple new features. Apple has already received a patent for a magnetic wristband. "In one configuration the wristband is magnetically coupled around a user's wrist.

In our previous report, The Apple Watch 2 release is reported to not happen anytime soon as the device will reportedly make way for iPad Air 3.

According to creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin, he said that the supply "orders would have taken place in the latter part of 2015 if a new product is shipping first half of 2016."

He added that, "Apple supplier warnings of soft revenue ahead do seem to cause one's eyebrow to raise when thinking about a new product supposedly shipping in a few months," This negates the earlier reports that trial production will take place by the end of the month and will be manufactured by the same company responsible for the original Watch.



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