Ashley Judd reveals incredible moment her dog saved a man from committing suicide (exclusive)

By The Christian Post

"A Dog’s Way Home" stars Ashley Judd, Jonah Hauer-King, Alexandra Shipp, Wes Studi, Edward James Olmos and the voice of Bryce Dallas Howard. | (Photo: James Dittiger/Columbia Pictures)

Hollywood actress Ashley Judd shared the incredible moment her dog saved a man from committing suicide, and why she believes God uses animals to demonstrate unconditional love, comfort and compassion to humans.

In an exclusive interview with The Christian Post, Judd revealed that several years ago, her support dog, Shug — who accompanied the actress on every movie set during her lifetime — traveled with her from the Czech Republic to New York. After landing in LaGuardia airport, Judd removed Shug’s vest, and the cocker spaniel-poodle mix instantly sprinted across the crowded terminal, stopping to sit beside a man who was writing in a notebook.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what is going on? My dog never behaves this way,” Judd recalled. “So I went over to retrieve my dog, and he asked what her name was, and he said, ‘Oh, she’s cute,’ etc, etc, and we briefly chatted before I walked away.”

While in a different part of the airport a short time later, Judd felt a shadow fall over her. She looked up and saw the man standing there. He asked: “May I show you what I was writing?”

“I was writing my suicide note,” he told her, “when your dog came up and just there with me, just being present and reminding me of my value.”

Despite going their separate ways, Judd and the man miraculously ended up on the flight, and the two ended up talking for hours. The next day, he went to treatment for his suicidality.

“Today, he’s in recovery and still sends me texts, updating me on his health,” she shared. “Shug was a remarkable dog. It’s amazing how God works through dogs.”

While Shug passed away at the age of 17, Judd said her dog taught her an important lesson: Sometimes, we don’t need people to tell us how to feel, act or behave; we simply need someone to be present and love us unconditionally.

“Dogs practice presence,” she said. “They love us exactly as we are. Sometimes, that's all we need; just sitting with someone and letting our empathy flow is the greatest helpfulness. Letting go of the need to control others and their emotional arc and offer advice is an act of self-restraint and compassion.”

“Dogs,” she added, “will rest their chin on your knee and look up at you with undisguised love and adoration. We never outgrow our need for that kind of love.”

Judd stars in the film "A Dog’s Way Home,” based on the best-selling novel by W. Bruce Cameron. The film chronicles the heartwarming adventure of Bella, a dog who embarks on an epic 400-mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human, Lucas, an aspiring med student and VA hospital volunteer.

On her quest to return home, Bella touches the lives of everyone she meets, from an orphaned mountain lion cub to a homeless veteran down on his luck. Judd plays Terri, a veteran affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She develops a special bond with Bella, discovering that the dog brings joy and comfort when she needs it most.

Source:The Christian Post