Atheist Says ‘Amen’ to Jesus Christ

By James.B

Fear and hopelessness were the chief emotions the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team encountered while ministering at an outdoor memorial in Berlin, Germany, just days after the deadly Christmas Market attack in late 2016. Chaplains from Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom and the United States had plenty of opportunity to share the love of Christ by not only talking about the reason for the Christmas season, but also just by answering questions people asked. Be encouraged and praise God for stirring hearts as you read the following two stories:

Responding to Truth: The woman told the chaplain she was an atheist, but she still had questions. After talking at length and examining Scripture together from the "Steps to Peace With God" booklet, a witnessing tool provided by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the woman told the chaplain she was ready to accept the Gospel message as truth. She did not feel right praying aloud on the street, however, so the chaplain suggested she use the words of the prayer found in the booklet to pray privately in repentance and faith-and then say "Amen" if she truly meant it.

The woman took her time in silent prayer, obviously considering each phrase, and finally said "Amen" loudly. Her somber expression disappeared. With a big smile, she hugged and thanked the chaplain. About five minutes later, the chaplain noticed the woman speaking to her husband with "Steps to Peace" in her hand.

Finding Christ: A German-speaking Canadian chaplain walked up to a prayer stand in a church where grieving people came to light candles in memory of the victims. A Syrian refugee who spoke German had come inside to watch, and the two struck up a conversation. As they talked about death, fear, grief, and loss, the chaplain began explaining the Gospel message to the refugee, and "the Lord opened [his] heart to respond to the things spoken" (Acts 16:14, NASB). He asked many questions and then prayed, confessing his sinfulness and asking Jesus Christ to be his Savior and Lord. The chaplain offered encouragement and referred him to a local evangelical church for follow-up.

Does your heart yearn for something more? Find peace with God today. 


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