Attack on Titan Season 2's Production Resumed; LEAKED Video Shows of Titans Hiding Between the Walls

By Princess Love

The production of Attack on Titan Season 2 has resumed and a leaked video of the upcoming season shows titans appearing inside the wall.

First thing's first, some of these spoilers come from the plot line of the manga, so if you don't want any spoilers on the manga and on the series, don't continue reading.

  • We know that most of Levi Ackerman's squad died in 'Attack on Titan Season 1' and it seems like in Season 2 he will die in order to protect the Shiganshina trio, however this is still a rumor and nothing's set in stone just yet.The theory came from Manga Helpers. According to PIXISSUUU, the upcoming chapter (chapter 73) will focus on Levi's death. The user pointed out the calm before the storm in chapter 72, and how Levi will try to save then new members of his squad the Shiganshina trio; Eren Yaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert.
  • Aside from these there's also a leak that came out on YouTube which appears to be a part of the upcoming season. You can see the video below:
  • Another spoiler is that Commander Erwin Smith will first overthrow the king who turns out to be fake and that the Reiss family is the real royal family, however this is not all good news as it is also revealed that the Reiss family has the capacity to turn into titans.
  • It also seems that there are other members of the squad that can actually turn into titans including Ymir, Reiner Braun, and Bertolt. What's more devastating is the fact that Reiner and Bertolt are the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan who broke the wall.
  • Ymir on the hand, is a titan roaming around the wall for 60 years before coming back to her human form; only after eating Marcel a friend of Reiner Braun, Bertolt, and Annie.
  • Reiner, Braun, and Ymir will abduct Eren in Season 2 and Commander Smith will try to rescue him and will cost Erwin Smith's arm which will be the reason why he'll retire.
  • The 'Attack on Titan Season 1' has already covered the first 34 chapters of the manga which covers a total of 4 story arcs including; "The Fall of Shiganshina," "104th Trainees Squad," "Battle of Trost District" and "The Female Titan."
  • So far the manga is only 2 story arcs ahead of the 'Attack on Titan Season 1' so obviously Director Tetsuro Araki would have to wait a bit longer in order to have a complete 'Attack on Titan Season 2'.
  • Other spoilers for 'Attack on Titan' includes the presence of a 'beast-like' titan in 'Attack on Titan Season 2'-- geez, as if a normal titan is not enough. However the upcoming season will also unveil the true identity of the 'Colossal Titan' and the 'Armored Titan' which turns out to be Bertolt Hoover and Reiner Braun.
  • The upcoming 'Attack on Titan Season 2' will also have a 'Clash of Titans' story arc.
  • In case you are wondering, the Coordinate (according to Attack on Titan Wiki) is an ability that is most recognizable for allowing the user to control Titans. It is currently in the possesion of Eren Yeager."

Attack on Titan Season 2 is believed to premiere by the second half of this year.

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