Avril Lavigne explains meaning behind song ‘I Fell in Love With the Devil’ amid criticism 

By The Christian Post

Instagram user badgallavigne creates winning design for Avril Lavigne's new single, July 2019. | Instagram/AvrilLavigne

Nearly a year after re-emerging from a five-year hiatus with a song that was hailed as a “worship song,” pop-rocker Avril Lavigne now has a new single called “I Fell in Love With the Devil” that is causing a stir among some of her supporters.

The pop star's gothic-styled promotional images have many slamming her choice of song title and photos, claiming she’s glorying evil.

“I fell in love with the devil/And now I'm in trouble/I fell in love with the devil/I'm underneath his spell (ah)/Someone send me an angel/To lend me a halo/I fell in love with the devil/Please, save me from this hell,” read the lyrics of the chorus.

Source:The Christian Post