Ben Affleck and Comic Book Legend Geoff Johns Co-Writing Batman Movie Script

By Yumi Redfield

Even before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, there have been some rumors floating around that Ben Affleck has been working on a script for a solo Batman movie. Not only was Ben Affleck rumored to be writing the script, there have also been rumors that comic book legend Geoff Johns was writing it with him.

In a recent Fatman on Batman podcast by Kevin Smith, the director asked Geoff Johns how the process of co-writing actually works, to which Geoff Johns shared, “He's been working on a solo script with Geoff Johns, as well. Last conversation I had with Geoff Johns, I was like, 'Are you working on it?' and he said yeah. I said, 'What's it like, man? How do you co-write with someone?' And he's going, 'We just break it up. He takes halves and I take halves and then we write. And then we switch material. And then he goes over mine and I go over his.' That sounds so fucking fun man.”

Currently, there’s still no confirmation if a Batman movie will be done, but it was only last week that DC and Warner Bros. announced that there will be two more movies in the DC Extended Universe line-up. Although the two movies have not been announced, Warner Bros. did announce that the movies have a release date of October 5 2018 and November 1, 2019.

Recently, Co-CEO of WME talent agency Patrick Whitesell, who represents Ben Affleck has revealed that Ben Affleck is already contractually obligated to make Justice League One and Two, Whitesell also confirmed that Ben Affleck is writing a Batman movie although he did not confirm if the movie is a go.

Despite critics bashing the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, fans and critics alike are unanimous in their praise for Ben Affleck’s Batman, so it is no surprise that fans are hoping that the upcoming October 5, 2018 movie is the one that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns are currently writing.

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