Beth Moore says 'hyper-complementarianism' taking attention away from SBC abuse scandal

By The Christian Post

Popular speaker and author Beth Moore gives a Bible study to 60,000 students about the significance and symbolism in the Lord's Supper at Passion 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, January 9, 2013. | (Photo: Passion 2013 Conferences)

Notable Southern Baptist Bible teacher and author Beth Moore believes “hyper-complementarianism” is taking attention away from the need to address the Southern Baptist Convention’s sex abuse problems.

Moore took to Twitter to comment on a Washington Post article by Sarah Pulliam Bailey about how many Southern Baptists were debating whether Moore could preach when they “are supposed to talk about sexual abuse” in the denomination.

One theologian quoted by Bailey said, “One thing we have massive agreement on: women do not preach on Sunday to the church. Doing so is functional egalitarianism. We will not capitulate here.”

Source:The Christian Post