Beth Moore will face ‘blackness of darkness’ if she doesn’t repent, Susan Heck says

By The Christian Post

(L to R) Beth Moore, Susan Codone and Russell Moore participate in a panel discussion hosted by the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Commission called "Sexual Abuse and the Southern Baptist Convention" June 10, 2019, at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex, the night before the start of the two-day SBC annual meeting. | BP News/Van Payne

Longtime women’s ministry leader Susan Heck, who leads a ministry called With the Master, denounced popular Bible teacher Beth Moore as a false teacher who will face the “blackness of darkness forever” unless she repents for leading women astray.

“The truth is, I’m not trying to condemn her, I feel great sorrow for her because she is the blind leading the blind. They’re both going to fall in the ditch. And unless she repents, the blackness of darkness is reserved for her forever. That doesn’t make me happy. I pray for Beth Moore every week that she’ll repent. I pray that she’ll consent to wholesome truth. She’s leading so many women astray and it grieves my heart. I’m not happy about it. It grieves me,” Heck said in an interview with Justin Peters of Justin Peters Ministries on Monday.

The “blackness of darkness” is a place reserved for false ministers, according to Jude 1:13 in the New Testament.

Moore, who leads Living Proof Ministries, recently announced her departure from the Southern Baptist denomination and apologized for her role in elevating complementarian theology to a "matter of 1st importance" to much fanfare.

Source:The Christian Post