BlackBerry Vienna Latest Rumors: Upcoming BlackBerry Android Phone Vienna Specifications Revealed

By Jeff Villanueva

BlackBerry is set to make another statement next year after releasing its first Android phone last November, BlackBerry Priv. So far, all points lead to having another Android phone this coming year with the rumored BlackBerry Vienna. And what a better way to introduce this reported next BlackBerry Android phone, Vienna, than to reveal its rumored specifications.

Let's find out what we already have.

BlackBerry Vienna Rumored Specifications

As BlackBerry Central posted, here are the rumored specifications of BlackBerry Vienna:

  •  4.4" LCD Display 1920x1440 (4:3 or 3:2 AR)
  •  5.8" Height
  •  2.8" Width
  •  9.8mm Thick
  •  Android 6.0 Launch OS
  •  March / April Launch
  •  Sub $400 USD Pricing
  •  Lower-tier Device

BlackBerry Central also noted that the BlackBerry Vienna Android phone is not a high-end phone - inexpensive as such, and could become popular once released, "We're also told this is essentially the Classic of their Android line. It's not a whole lot, but it will definitely give you a better idea as to what device you're looking at. If it wasn't obvious, the Vienna is a lower-end device - so if the Priv's Android experience is too expensive for your pockets, this may be the Android device you're after."

BlackBerry Gearing to Claim Top Spot Once More

In an interview with BlackBerry CEO John Chen with Fox Business News anchor Liz Claman last month [transcribed by Digital Trends], the CEO revealed that they have exciting products to offer after BlackBerry Priv, "we have a range of products after [the Priv], which are actually quite exciting."

Chen also made sure that they are here to stay in the mobile industry business and is "never going to give up" just yet even with so many new phone manufacturers flooding the market with revolutionary features and exciting ways on the usage of the phone.

The BlackBerry chief executive also revealed that they are in talks with big service providers to make sure their phone can reach millions of people, though he did not reveal as to when this AT&T exclusive deal will end.

As Digital Trends pointed out, 'BlackBerry once held over 70 percent of the mobile market, but the once unstoppable giant now sits at under one percent'.

Will they be able to claim the top spot once more?

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