Boston Marathon Victims Identified, Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Bombing Victims' Funerals

By Ruth

The notorious Westboro Baptist Church seems unable to keep silence even as the devastating bombings at the Boston Marathon ripped numerous hearts and lives.

As soon as the twin explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon became news Monday afternoon, Westboro announced its plan to picket the funerals of victims.

The blasts took three lives, leaving 183 injured with 23 of them in critical conditions. The victims have been identified as Lu Lingzi, a Chinese student at Boston University student, eight-year-old Martin Richard, and 29-year-old restaurant manager Krystle Campbell. 

The Westboro Baptist Church, which has been denounced by numerous Christian leaders as blasphemy against the true nature of God and Christianity, responded to the tragedy with their usual hatred.

"Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of those dead by Boston Bombs! GOD SENT THE BOMBS IN FURY OVER FAG MARRIAGE! #PraiseGod," Westboro said in a Twitter message.

“The federal government is classifying the bombs as a terrorist attack, but say it’s unclear if it’s of a domestic or foreign nature,” the church wrote in a statement. 

“Here’s a hint — GOD SENT THE BOMBS! How many more terrifying ways will you have the LORD injure and kill your fellow countrymen because you insist on nation-dooming filthy fag marriage?!”

“Christ Jesus said that same-sex marriage would prevail just before the time that He returns in power and glory, taking vengeance on the disobedient (Luke 17; 2 Thes. 1). Massachusetts invited this special wrath from God Almighty when it was the FIRST STATE to pass same-sex marriage on May 17, 2004. As a direct and immediate result of that first step down the slippery slope to nationwide fag marriage, God sent the devastating bombs to the Boston Marathon,” says the church.

Recently, Westboro attempted in vain to protest the funerals of Newtown, Conn., school shooting victims.

While Westboro's disturbing misrepresentation of God continues to stir controversy, some of the church members broke free from the hateful activities.

In recent months, Fred Phelps, the church's leader, saw his daughters leave the group.

"We know that we've done and said things that hurt people ... Inflicting pain on others wasn't the goal, but it was one of the outcomes. We wish it weren't so and regret that hurt," sisters Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper stated in a statement issued on Feb. 6., according to The Huffington Post.

The church has yet to announce the detailed plans of the protest.