Brain Dead Girl Jahi McMath Updates: Father Jonathan Morris Joins Debate, "Faith is to Help Dealing With Death, Not to Determine Death" (VIDEO)

By James Lam

Father Jonathan Morris, a Fox News analyst who covers ethical, social, and religious issues spoke about the incident of brain dead girl Jahi McMath.

"What I am going to say may be a kind of offensive to some people. It's not for religion or faith to determine somebody is alive or dead. Science tells us that," said Father Jonathan Morris.  

"When a scientific consensus says that somebody is dead, faith and religion is a tool to help you to deal with death instead of trying to bring somebody back to life or suggesting that you keep them on life support even though the person is dead," explained Father Morris.

Referring to the saying of doctors from the hospital, the father emphasized that13-year-old Jahi McMath had no brain activity at all.

"There is no brain activity right from the stamp of the brain all way throughout the whole brain," said Morris.

"In that case, you don't say, 'God, keep her life!'," added he. "Yes, we should respect life but we should not pretend that someone is alive when they are not."

Morris said that we should respect the love many faith groups have for the girl's family. "It is totally a tragic case as she is a healthy young girl," he said.

"But I think pastors or priests should step up and help them to deal with the fact that when someone has died the soul is no longer there," said Morris. "We have to trust science. Not to trust just any doctor nor hospital, but to look at the consensus of the medical advice."

The body of Jahi McMath, the 13-year-old California girl declared brain dead after suffering complications from routine tonsil surgery, has been released to her mother by coroners, the hospital that had been treating her said in a statement Sunday according to NBC news. She was supposed to be taken off life support while the family wanted to keep that. The same media reported two weeks ago that faith groups had joined to support the family of Jahi McMath in requesting a formal investigation of the hospital and what happened to Jahi.

VIDEO: Faith's role in fight for brain dead teen's life, Father Jonathan Morris joins the debate


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