Brian Borgman From Minden, Nev. and Rob Ventura From North Providence, R.I. Talk About Spiritual Warfare, Devil in Upcoming Book

By Amy

Two pastors, who are scholarly theologians as well, want to make sure that Christians have a biblical and balanced perspective when it comes to the reality of spiritual warfare and the devil. Their passion has led them to co-author a yet to be released book on the subject that has as its central theme Ephesians 6-10.

Pastors Brian Borgman from Grace Community Church in Minden, Nev., and Rob Ventura, one of the pastors at Grace Community Baptist Church of North Providence, R.I., say that while some churches rarely talk about the subject of battling evil, other churches go over the top. Although their book, Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective, is scheduled for release early next year, the co-authors provided The Christian Post a sneak peak.

"In some churches it's like almost all you hear about is the devil and then in other churches it's like you almost never hear about the devil," Ventura told CP. "So the book really challenges both sections of the Christian spectrum, saying look, not everything is the devil, however, there is a real devil."

Borgman, who has also written My Heart for Thy Cause and Feelings and Faith and holds degrees from Biola University, Western Seminary and Westminster Seminary, explained why he had a desire to write the book and why the two pastors decided to collaborate.

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