California's Rock Church to reopen for first time since COVID-19: 'We want to honor God and our city'

By The Christian Post

Volunteers assemble masks for medical staff at The Rock Church locations in Point Loma, City Heights, El Cajon and San Marcos, California, April 6, 2020. | Courtesy of The Rock Church

While churches across California sparred with local governments over restrictions on gathering for worship, Rock Church took another approach, focusing their efforts on ministries outside the building's four walls. 

“Rock Church has always been very dynamic in that we are multifaceted,” Pastor Travis Gibson, who leads the church’s Point Loma campus, told The Christian Post.

“We don't just do Sundays, but we also did blood drives, we repaired over 300,095 expired N95 masks and delivered them to responders, we have a prison ministry, and we already had people meeting in parks. We delivered clothing to families in need and had a military festival drive-thru style.”

“When one thing wasn't allowed to be done, we said, ‘Let’s see what else we can do and put our resources there,’” he added. “And our community responded in incredible ways.”

Source:The Christian Post