Canadian gender clinic's gruesome photos in trans surgery promotion found in violation of ad standards

By The Christian Post

Getty Images/nito100

A Canadian gender clinic was found to be in violation of advertising standards following a complaint about its promotion of radical surgeries to young people using gruesome photos and post-operative patient testimonials.

In response to a complaint against the McLean Clinic — a medical outfit in Mississauga, Ontario, known for performing mastectomies on transgender-identifying females — the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario identified photos and content in the clinic's promotional efforts deemed to be misleading and undignified and had to be removed, according to Canadian Gender Report, a watchdog site that monitors the activities of transgender medicalization and activism.

One such photo that was found to be in violation of CPSO standards was a picture on the clinic's Instagram account where Dr. Giancarlo McEvenue is seen wearing a Santa hat and holding up two buckets labeled "breast tissue" that had been surgically removed from female patients.

Source:The Christian Post