Cancer Cure News: Cancer Vaccine Happening Soon?

By Princess Love

Every year, thousands upon thousands of people die because of cancer. The disease still doesn't have a cure, but according to reports it seems like a vaccine is on its way. 

Our immune cells has the capacity to destroy tumors that contains a cancer-causing protein called p53, however these tumors cells also has the capacity to block these immune responses.

A recent clinical trial launched at the City of Hope is currently developing an immune-boosting vaccine that can defeat a tumor's inhibitory signal, which can stop cancer before it has even started.

Researchers at the lead of this research are Don J. Diamond Ph.D, Vincent Chung M.D., and their collaborators.

Recently cancer has been mutating and the mutations are occurring in the gene called p53, which creates mutant forms of p53. But in the most recent research Diamond and his colleagues are creating a vaccine that will respond even to these mutant p53.

The vaccine is called p53MVA, and it has started clinical trial back in 2013 and has found it safe on patients with advanced gastrointestinal cancers-even if the cancer has been treatment-resistant.

However patients who T-cell have a high amount of protein called PD1 responded poorly on the new vaccine.

However, according to City Hope researchers, this can be fixed by using a PD1 inhibitor.

In the latest clinical trial on this vaccine, they'll be testing the new p53 vaccine with the new PD1 inhibitor.

The upcoming 1b clinical trial will focus on patients with recurrent solid tumors like nonsmall cell lung cancer, melanoma, triple-negative breast cancer, renal cell carcinoma, and other cancer types.

When it comes to combining the p53MVA  vaccine and the PD1 inhibitor, Diamond said, " "We have to ensure that combining the two does not create side effects that either agent alone doesn't cause."

Since there are a lot of p53 mutation occurring in different types of cancer, creating an all-in-one vaccine could have such a great impact. Diamond added,  "This has the potential to be an off-the-shelf product, effective for a wide variety of patients."

The clinical trial is registered as NCT02432963 at website.

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