Candace Lee talks about new film Christmas Candle, Adaptation of Max Lucado's novel

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The Christmas Candle is a new film by the screenwriter Candace Lee. As the title suggests, the film is due for release this Christmas. It is based on the novel by best-selling author Max Lucado and introduces Britain's Got Talent singing sensation - and devout Christian - Susan Boyle in her first acting role. The film is set in a Cotswolds church in the 1890s, where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens, until a mysterious angel suddenly appears in a lowly candlemaker's shop. And also stars Hans Matheson and Samantha Barks.

What made you write this script?
I am just one of the co-writers along with Eric Newman, who is also from the US, and we were both interested in being involved in this project because we just fell in love with the story. It's a great novel and we thought it would be great to do a film adaptation.

What challenges did you have while writing the script?
You know what, there were so many characters and it was difficult to choose what characters to focus on. The film also carries a lot of community spirit and we really wanted to bring this out by choosing the right characters to feature. So I believe selecting characters was quite difficult because we had to narrow it down.

What did you enjoy the most while working on this project?
The film is based in a completely different time period and this was really a lot of fun, experiencing this time period and seeing how the local community at the time dealt with the changes. The small town, being confronted by modern elements like electricity, because the story is based in a time period where a lot of advancements were taking place.



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