Canon ME20F-SH Specs, Reviews, and Release Date: Canon U.S.A. Inc. announced the arrival of their latest technological advancement in ME20F-SH

By Jeff Villanueva

Cannot shoot photos and videos during nighttime, in complete darkness, getting that natural dimness you need for a perfect night scene? Canon U.S.A. Inc., the leader in digital imaging solutions, can help you capture the perfect evening moment you wanted with their upcoming multi-purpose camera, the new


In the latest press release by Canon U.S.A. Inc. last July 30th on their New York office, they enumerated the new ME20F-SH capabilities, "nighttime surveillance and security, cinematic production, reality television, and nature/wildlife documentaries are just some of the ME20F-SH's many possible usage applications."

"With the ability to capture color video in extreme low-light conditions and its simplistic and versatile design, the ME-20F-SH Multi-purpose Camera can be easily incorporated into existing infrastructures and systems to provide high-quality video capture even where subjects might not be seen with the naked eye," they added.

Canon's ME20F-SH Features

Canon enhanced a technology they've created back in 2013 - the 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor which can capture Full HD videos - and integrate it on their latest offering.

With current technologies using infrared to be able to see during nighttime render only black and white output, the latest camera from Canon, the ME20F-SH, "achieves impressive high-sensitivity performance enabling the capture of color Full HD video with reduced noise in low-light conditions without the need for infrared illumination."

How is it possible?

With the different technologies that Canon created integrated into one multi-purpose camera, they were able to create a CMOS sensor that has pixels measuring 19μm square3 while achieving reduced noise and exceptionally high sensitivity with minimum illumination of 'less than 0.0005 lux' - suffice to say, it not only overtaken all top-of-the-line cameras, the new ME20F-SH smashed the competition with their latest creation.

To separate the competition even more, Canon also integrates Canon Log and Wide DR that can shoot "wide dynamic range, delivering high-image-quality video results across a range of illumination environments, from low- to brightly lit conditions."

As part of the plan to make it an all-environment camera, Canon integrated features that will allow users to be able to "output video via a single cable to a variety of peripheral equipment, including external recorders and monitors."

It is also capable of connecting with Canon's RC-V100 Remote Controller (sold separately) and has a "φ3.5mm stereo mini-jack allows the camera to connect with an external microphone, enabling users working on location to output audio and video signals to connected peripheral equipment."

The latest Canon creation, the new ME20F-SH is become available by December 2015 at a fair price of $30,000.

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