“Captain Marvel” Release Date, Casting, News and Update:

By Chrix

The upcoming superhero film, Captain Marvel is generating a lot of rumors and speculation in regards to who will be cast to play as Marvel's iconic super heroine.

Here's the latest on "Captain Marvel" Release Date, Casting, News and Update.

The mystery surrounding the "Captain Marvel" casting news just keeps on getting deeper as the actress to play Carol Danvers is yet to be named. Multiple actresses has been rumored to play as Carol Danvers, but Marvel has made no official announcement, yet. list of the 12 most plausible female actresses that will fit into the role.

According to Inverse.com, who made a list of the 12 most plausible female actress to take on the role Emily Blunt is on the top list. Blunt is no stranger to action films, potrayed strong characters and was offered the roles for Peggy Carter and Black Widow by Marvel before, which she both turned down.

This time, she finally set the records straight that she is not familiar with comic characters and it is simply not her forte. In an interview with Collider, she said: "No one has approached me as Captain Marvel! I have received not one phone call about Captain Marvel. I don't know who she is. I'm sorry [laughs]. I don't know comic book characters. They're not my forte."

Another actress mentioned the list who is more inclined to play the role is "Interstellar" actress Jessica Chastain. What makes her a great candidate is her inclination to don the mantle of a superhero as well as take part in action scenes. Moreover, she just doesn't want a leading lady role.

In an interview with IGN, Chastain said: "Absolutely, but for me, in any genre of film that you do - I want to be part of it, So if I'm doing a superhero film, I want to wear a costume, I want a fight scene, I don't want to be the girlfriend or the civilian that's taking care of superheroes or whatever. I want to be part of the action. So if they came a-calling that sounds very cool."


Captain Marvel is set to be release on March 8, 2019



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