Chinese pastor shared Gospel with 1,000 North Koreans before being assassinated for his faith

By The Christian Post

Visitors look through a wire fence covered with prayer ribbons wishing for reunification of the two Koreas. Photo taken at Imjingak, near the demilitarized zone in Paju, South Korea, on June 20, 2019. | Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

A pastor on the China-North Korea border shared the hope of the Gospel with at least 1,000 North Koreans before he was assassinated for his missionary work in 2016, a defector has revealed. 

Voice of the Martyrs says the Rev. Han Chung-Ryeol, a Chinese pastor of Korean descent, was on Pyongyang's most-wanted list as early as 2003 for his charitable work and dedication to spreading the Gospel.

Han, who ministered on the border town of Changbai since the early 1990s, ministered to thousands of North Koreans over the years — many of whom had fled the famine-stricken country in search of food and jobs. The pastor provided practical aid, such as food and clothing, and introduced each person to the Gospel before sending them back to North Korea to share Christ and help their families.

Source:The Christian Post