Christian Film & Music Festival head launches Netflix-style streaming service, 24 FLIX

By The Christian Post

24 Flix on demand site, you can now watch unlimited clean on demand videos, January 21, 2019 | Facebook/24Flix

A new family-friendly streaming platform called 24 Flix is offering a variety of films at what they say is a much lower price than other streaming services.

24 Flix is a Netflix style streaming service spearheaded by Marty Jean-Louis, founder of the International Christian Film & Music Festival. The platform’s aim is to offer family-friendly entertainment free of profanity, sex and nudity, with a max rating of PG-13.

The site offers 100 classic films and TV series, including “Bonanza,” “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” and the “Superman" TV show.

Source:The Christian Post