Christian Group Prohibited from Holding Bible Meeting in Pub Named after Sunday School Founder

By Boaz Wadel

Christians claim they have been banned from holding a bible talk in a pub named after the founder of Sunday Schools - because it might offend other religions.

According to a story by Darren Boyle for MailOnline, churchgoers had organized their annual Bible Day event at Robert Raikes House, a pub named after the man behind the Sunday school movement in the 18th Century.

But they were forced to find a new venue - claiming the landlord did not want to be associated with the word "Bible."

According to MailOnline, Roland Parsons, city preacher and spokesman for the group, said "We think the pub has excluded us because it wanted to please everybody else and not have the word Bible associated with the establishment. We find this quite ironic because of the work Robert Raikes did for Christianity and education."

He added, "It's upsetting to be banned but as a Christian, I personally forgive the manager."

The event was held at another location.

However, Phil Tandy, manager of the pub in Gloucester, claims he told the group to find an alternative venue to host the event as he was not prepared for large numbers.

MailOnline reported that Tandy also said he did not think pubs and religious activity mixed.

Tandy said the reason he had blocked the group from hosting the annual event was due to what he considered their poor communication.

He said, "I've got absolutely no problem at all with the word Bible but we were not consulted about being associated with Bible Day. Then I see flyers across town associating us with the event without being told."

Tandy added, "The group also couldn't guarantee how many people who be attending the meal. If they had 100 people coming, that would disrupt the pub for the public. I know Robert Raikes was a famous religious figure in Gloucester, but, personally, I'm not sure a pub should be associated with religious activities."

Rev. Gwyenth Gibbens, from Holy Trinity Church, Longlevens, said it's important churches are allowed freedom.

MailOnline reported he said, "It's important the church has the freedom to express itself and not become a fringe group. Christians and the church are part of the history of this country."

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Christian Group Holding Bible Meeting in Pub Sunday School Founder