Christian school demolished in India, children seized from ministry: report

By The Christian Post

A protester holds a placard during a rally by hundreds of Christians against recent attacks on churches nationwide, in Mumbai, February 9, 2015. Five churches in the Indian capital New Delhi have reported incidents of arson, vandalism and burglary. The latest was reported last week when an individual stole ceremonial items. | (Photo: Reuters/Danish Siddiqui)

Officials in Eastern India demolished a Christian school, dormitory building and the home of its founder before seizing at least a dozen children affiliated with the ministry.

The leader of the school that educated over 250 children near the village of Lichapeta in Odisha state told the Christian persecution watchdog website Morning Star News that Hindu radicals persuaded a local government official to demolish buildings owned by the Christian ministry on May 13.

According to the school’s founder, Vijay Kumar Pusuru, a district official was incited by misinformation spread by the Hindu nationalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to send about 50 people to demolish the school, his home, and the ministry hostel building that housed around 100 children.

Source:The Christian Post