Christian singer Mandisa opens up about being single in her 40s

By The Christian Post

Grammy Winner Mandisa On ABC's "Good Morning America," April 26, 2017. | (Photo: Screengrab)

Former "American Idol" contestant and Christian artist Mandisa has offered advice for other singles who, like her, are in their 40s and praying that God will bring the right person into their lives and get married.

This weekend, the 42-year-old Grammy Award-winner will embark on the 2019 Winter Jam Tour and during a recent interview she opened up about her relationship status.

“It’s something I take very seriously. I don’t choose to be single,” she told the Tampa Bay Times. “I’d love to be married but the right man hasn’t come along yet. I pray for my future husband all the time.”

While Mandisa revealed that she’s not single by choice and would prefer to have a husband, she won’t allow for her relationship status to dictate her joy. The California native wants others to know that they, too, should be encouraged because singleness has its advantages.

“I tell people being single can come with a lot of struggles but it also has a lot of benefits,” she continued.

“I am content with the state of life I’m in.”

In a previous interview with Priscilla Shrier when she was 33 years old, Mandisa talked about why she believed she was still single.

Source:The Christian Post