Christine Caine to young Christians: Be willing to look 'foolish' for Jesus

By The Christian Post

Christine Caine speaks at the Passion 2019 Conference. | (Photo: Passion 2019 Conference)

In a culture obsessed with curating the perfect image on social media, Christians need to be willing to look “foolish” for Jesus to bring about revival, evangelist Christine Caine told thousands of college students gathered at the Passion 2019 Conference.

We live in one of the craziest times in history, Caine told the nearly 40,000 students attending the 21st annual event, and “so many people are blaming everyone.”

“[They say] it's a moral problem, it’s a social problem, it’s an economic problem, it’s political problem,” she said. “But it’s a faith issue. We have too many unbelieving believers.”

“We need a generation of college students that say, ‘We believe God,’” she declared. “You and I are called to take God to our generation; you and I are God-carriers in our generation.”

She asked attendees, “If Jesus was to walk in our midst today, what kind of faith would He find? Would we have faith that amazes Jesus? Would we have faith that causes Jesus to marvel?

“You don’t need to be the most educated, you don’t need to be the smartest. You just need a faith that recognizes He is the son of God and all He needs to do is just say the word. If He said it in His word, it shall come to pass. We need that kind of faith to be unleashed throughout our colleges in this nation.”

God doesn’t always use His children in expected ways, Caine contended, adding, “Stop limiting God to what you can think of, because your God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above what you can think of.”

“You can’t impress God, but you can amaze Him with your faith,” she added. “What is it about your faith that could activate a miracle on your campus?”

We’re so busy carefully curating our social media personas and filtering photos, Caine lamented, that we fail to cultivate a private life with Jesus that would fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit.

“If we stop trying to amaze each other and we started amazing God, God would do amazing things in and through our lives,” she stated. “Here’s the great news of the Gospel: You don’t have to be awesome, because He is awesome, and you just need to recognize that He is awesome.”

The evangelist revealed she endured 12 years of childhood sexual abuse and was bullied because of her Greek heritage. Today, she's the head of A21, an international anti-human trafficking organization, and Propel, a women's organization dedicated to helping women realize their purpose, passion and potential.

“I never thought I was anything; I just realized He is everything,” she said. “In a world that is obsessed with curating our public image, we wonder why we lack private power. You only have private power in the private space with Jesus.

“He brings healing, He brings wholeness. I’m not pressured to perform, I just have to believe ... that He is who He says He is.”

Source:The Christian Post