Church begs God to end pandemic after pastor and son die from coronavirus

By The Christian Post

A flyer announcing the recent funeral of the late Rev. Nathaniel Slappey Sr. and his son, Nathaniel Slappey Jr. | Facebook/New Ebenezer Baptist Church

Members of the New St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit are begging God for a miraculous end to the coronavirus pandemic after their pastor, the Rev. Nathaniel Slappey Sr., and his son, Nathaniel Slappey Jr., died just days apart from the disease.

Slappey Sr., 80, died April 30, while his son, Slappey Jr., a girls basketball coach at Detroit Country Day School and a graphic artist and designer, died May 2 just days shy of his 50th birthday.

On May 1, the church announced the death of their pastor who served for 50 years, calling him a “true man of God.”

Source:The Christian Post