Church erases $43 million in medical debt for Missouri families

By The Christian Post

An announcement posted by The Crossing church of Columbia, Missouri, on Sept. 8, 2019, about the amount of medical debt they were able to erase through a partnership with RIP Medical Debt. | Facebook/The Crossing, Columbia, Missouri

A Missouri church has raised enough money to erase $43 million in medical debt incurred by families it was able to help. 

Pastors Keith Simon and Patrick Miller of The Crossing, a church based in Columbia, announced on Sunday that the amount raised for those with medical debt was $431,597.30.

"That's what you, The Crossing, have generously given because Jesus paid off our spiritual debts,” the church announced on its Facebook page with the hashtags #JubileeForMissouri and #JesusPaidItAll.

Source:The Christian Post