Church mourns after two pastors, including Indy 500's 'Priest in the Pits,’ die in one week

By The Christian Post

Frs. Glenn O'Connor ( L-inset) and Kevin Morris (R-inset) who served at Saint Susanna Parish church in Plainfield, Indiana, both died tragically just days apart.

A day after Saint Susanna Church gathered to mourn their former pastor, Father Kevin Morris, who was killed in a tragic car crash last Tuesday, they were sent reeling in grief again when the man who replaced him in 2012, Father Glenn O'Connor, an auto-racing enthusiast known in racing circles as the "Priest in the Pits," succumbed to stage 4 cancer on Friday.

"You could tell people have a lot of anguish, a lot of pent up anxiety over the loss of these two great men in three days’ time," Saint Susanna Parish Deacon Charlie Giesting told Fox 59.

Authorities noted in an RTV6 report that Morris died Tuesday afternoon in a head-on crash after his car crossed the center line on U.S. 40, just outside of Richmond, Virginia, and hit the other vehicle.

Source:The Christian Post