Clash of Clans Latest News, Updates and Rumors: Small CoC Summer Update? Watch for Spring Update, This Could Be Bigger! Find out How

By Jeff Villanueva

Last July 20th, we have seen probably a record-setting 'smallest update' ever in Clash of Clans, or even any update in the entire gaming world.

What's the magic number?

Two. And that's actually the entire update of Clash of Clans for the whole summer.

A game so popular every human being who owns a capable mobile device has been playing since opening their eyes and probably after retiring to bed from school or work, and this is just the update we've received after 3 months of wait?

Well, you can't blame game developer Supercell; words have it that they put away their entire team for a summer vacation, an entire summer off from the very good work they have been doing for the past years.

Clash of Clans Summer Update

So are these two latest updates? As posted by Marika on the game developer's forum page, "New levels for Archer Tower and Giant are just around the corner and maintenance break is coming soon!"

The update was followed by a short maintenance work to replace, "some old servers to make sure that everything runs smoothly."

The maintenance was actually smooth, more or less about an hour. After that, Giant Level 8 and Archer Tower 14 were made available.

But with this tiny update, many are asking if this will become a trade in the future? Not so fast!

Clash of Clans Spring Update Could Be Bigger

Remember last May update? Here are the CoC May 2016 updates:

  •  2x faster brewing for all Spells
  •  2x faster training for Dragon, Witch and Wall Breaker
  •  3x faster training for Golem, Lava Hound and P.E.K.K.A
  •  Hugely reduced Hero regeneration times
  •  Faster training also for Balloon, Wizard, Healer, Valkyrie and Bowler

The May Update was even followed by a series of other fixes. This was probably the biggest CoC update the past 2 years, and the ideas behind these updates, fixes and changes were mostly from the players themselves.

So 'what's the connection', you might ask.

Words have it that Supercell is randomly messaging players to participate in a survey asking about things they believe might enhance the game, things they look forward to having, game adjustments, among other things.

And these 'surveys' will become part of Clash of Clans Spring Update.

It's not that it could be the biggest nor expect another small update, but if all these participants will list down many things that can make the game better, of course, doable within the time period of creating the updates, then we might be seeing another big update within the next three months.

So, for those who have been contacted by Supercell, the future of Clash of Clans lies in your hands.

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