Clergy, feminists blast New York’s commercial surrogacy bill as 'dangerous,' ‘gravely immoral’

By The Christian Post

Following an unsuccessful attempt to legalize commercial surrogacy last year, New York state has reintroduced legislation that would allow the practice, which is drawing criticism from religious leaders and feminist groups. 

New York state Assembly Bill 1071 and its companion in the state Senate, Bill 2071, would lift prohibitions on surrogacy and allow for embryos created in a lab via in vitro fertilization — using sperm and eggs that might or might not be from the couple procuring surrogacy services — to be transferred to the womb of a surrogate. The surrogate mother would then, per legal contract, give up all rights to the child after it's born. 

Some religious leaders say the bill poses a danger to women and benefits those who are financially well-off.

Source:The Christian Post