CNN to spotlight power of forgiveness in new series ‘The Redemption Project with Van Jones’

By The Christian Post

CNN original series “The Redemption Project with Van Jones” preps restorative justice project, April 2019. | CNN

A new CNN original series, called “The Redemption Project with Van Jones,” is highlighting the “transformative power” of forgiveness, healing and grace.

“I wanted to do The Redemption Project because I think we have lost our sense of grace and empathy and the capacity to forgive in our culture, at the highest levels,” said Jones, a popular news commentator, in a statement. “This series is my attempt to put some medicine into our very sick system and to uplift people who are doing extraordinarily courageous things every day.”

Jones will give viewers a front seat to the “restorative justice” process in his new show, which premieres on April 28.

Source:The Christian Post